About Us

On a cold day in February 2018, in the heart of Milan, Mehdi and Danilo met by chance. Two characters totally unrelated to each other, from different cultures, from different countries.
In common they have a passion for creativity, fashion, the desire to face new adventures and to transmit emotions.

It took them about two years to plan their "Pearl 1954" project. Why Pearl 1954. The pearl is a precious object, appreciated as a symbol of purity and happiness! In 1954, there was a woman who wore a pearl necklace every day.

This woman was able to bring her business to the pinnacle of luxury all over the planet, this woman name was: Coco Chanel. We pay homage to all of this with Pearl 1954.

Danilo, an elegant figure, wore a tailored suit and Neapolitan shoes. Mehdi, a totally different style, American, Californian, an international figure who immediately fascinated Danilo.

He was not reciprocated though, his "snobbish" figure has created coldness between the two. Yet a working relationship has developed between the two which, over time, has become harmonious and in mutual respect.

At the same time, a bond is created. They have the same vision and complement each other.

The geographical distance between them is no longer a problem. Their common passion strengthened their friendship.

Over time, Mehdi has embarked on several trips to Italy as a guest at Danilo's family home in the south of the country and in Milan's creative studios to talk about the potential they could have by joining forces. Danilo, productive man, involved in all sectors of "Made in Italy" and Mehdi, designer, specialized in fashion and always evolved in the luxury sector.

They both share a passion for marketing that makes them globally recognized personalities in this field. It is time for them to create something different, unusual, new. Time to put on a new cloak. Something out of line, something really crazy.

Who would be crazy enough to sell extra virgin olive oil produced in Puglia / Italy and resell it in luxury clothing stores around the world? Or create "fairytale" subjects by transforming them into celebrities of yesterday and today hand-drawn on bags and dresses made in Italy ?

Pearl 1954 is not just a brand. Pearl 1954 is a story of friendship and passion !

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